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The Rules
post 28 Feb 2004, 06:29 PM
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1.) No posting links to illegal off-site material. This includes (and is not limited to) copyrighted mp3s, dreamcast FTPs, serials, WAREZ sites, yousendit links to games, movies etc.

2.) No flaming for any reason whatsoever. If someone takes a shot at you, PM a moderator and discuss it with them and they will take appropriate action.
2a.) Why no flaming? Simply because this is a community. We're a family here, and flame wars split up the family.

3.) No spamming for any reason whatsoever. We are a family based community, if you are not here to help then maybe it's time to find a new forum. This includes advertising your website/forum to the masses via the private messenger on the forums.

4.) No arguing unless it's a friendly discussion. Serious arguments are to be taken to private message to ensure no flame wars crop up. See rule #2 and #2a for more information.

5.) No foul language permitted. Studies show people find foul language offensive, and this is also a family website. Children read the forums sometimes. We don't want them learning stuff, now do we?
5a.)Evasion of swear filters will NOT be permitted. Any users caught doing so will be warned.

6.) No posting links, images or stories to any form of pornographic/nude or inappropriate websites. Viewing pornographic content may be illegal in your area, and inappropriate websites may offend people, which eventually lead to arguments and/or flame wars, which end to banning the offending parties.

7.) A moderator/adminstrator's word is final. They are moderators for a reason. Their judgement is trusted by the administrator of the site. Arguments engaged with a moderator/administrator will only result in permanent banning from the site.

8.) Members can and will be pruned on any give day of the week for lack of use on the forums. i.e. posting new, replying to topics etc

9.) If the system is not able to verify you have a real email address during signup your account will not be registered.

10.) No religious, political or racial discussion/views posts of any sort as they always lead to flame wars and will be dealt with as such.

11.) No posting threads about selling any kind of illegal backup unless you are providing the originals.
11a.) If we find out that you are selling Dreamcast backups or any kind of file found here ANYWHERE, immediate ban. No discussion.

12.) No making any kind of (re)seed request via the private messenger to our moderators, our seeders or our seed+ team. We have a requests and reseeds forum for that purpose - use it. Our seeders and moderators do not want to log into DCForums to an inbox full of requests. All seeders may forward the private message to a moderator for action to be taken upon if they deem it appropriate, so don't be surprised if your account becomes suspended.

13.) Keep your signature pictures and signatures itself reasonably sized (no larger than 640 x 200). Signatures that take up half of the page are annoying and are subject to moderator review and/or the member's signature priveleges revoked. Filesize restrictions also apply. The current filesize limit is no larger than 150kb. Do not use the YouTube feature as a signature, anyone doing so will have the signature removed without notice and further action maybe taken.

14.) NO MAKE EASY MONEY OR FREE PRODUCT SCHEMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i.e. no refferral links to stupid make money or free product websites etc, so you can make money or get free stuff out of our users whatsoever on this board (topic's, PM's or sig's etc). That means anywhere on this board. You do and you will be warned, then suspended for any repeat offence and thats final!!!!!!!!!!!

15.) If you've been banned from the forum and make a second account in order to bypass this ban, this will be treated very severely.
15a.) A ban is no joke and shouldn't be treated as such.

The rules can be changed or updated at any time to keep the saftey and well being of our members and forum. Please read also the Rules and Guidelines pinned in each section.

If you can't abide by these rules, please leave the site, or click the "Log Out" button and never return until you are capable of acting maturely and following rules.
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